Finally good news about preserving our old historical buildings downtown – Gambier Street (for a start!)

Soul of the city

By Doreena Naeg

Preserving Gambier Street and its surrounding areas will result in layers of modernity and history interlocking to create a vibrant city life for the people residing within and outside the old sector of metropolitan Kuching

THE identity, character and uniqueness of the state capital are enshrined in the historical signifinance of its vintage buildings.

These buildings, with their distinctive designs, and the people living in them since the early history of the state, symbolise the very soul of Kuching City, according to a local architect, Hubert Kueh.

Indisputably, the whole stretch of Gambier Street is an embodiment of heritage, both tangible and intangible. It is the nucleus of the city, the foundation or cornerstone, if you must — the old Kuching where remnants of the past are still evident of the city’s colourful history.

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From my collection, pictures of Gambier Street: