It was my first time stepping into Four Point hotel yesterday… yeah I’m pretty much a “mountain turtle” πŸ˜‰


Wah! Everything look so nice and… and so so small… teeny weeny hor d’oerves


Wah!! Sushi…


Wah!!! Miniature cupcakes!


I was wondering how many of these tiny cupcakes could fill my hungry stomach… so I ordered the chicken rice instead. I heard it’s the best in town… ahem!!

Well, if you ask me what so special about a plate of chicken rice that costs 3 times more than the kopitiam kay p’ng (coffeeshop chicken rice) I would say… a whole lot of patience indeed coz it took 20mins before that plate of roasted chicken rice was placed in front of me!!! (now I understand why they gave us bread and butter first!)


Sorry folks, I was too hungry to takeΒ  ‘before’ the chicken rice was devoured πŸ˜‰