Ying/Yang and balance of the 5 elements – these are the backbone of TCMA.

To many, traditional Chinese Medicine is considered alternative but here in Kuching, these traditional concepts are embedded into every day life. 

From food on the table, regular herbal teas consumption and even when you are quenching thirst; the elders have imbued many TCMA practices. 

Take coconut and sugarcane drinks for instance, these are purportedly very cooling and almost every race here in Sarawak accepts that; explains the popularity of these freshly prepared drink in our hot weather.

Better yet, mix the 2 for a special cocktail unique to Kuching. 

Double the potency and double the taste. 

I read a while back that eating fresh coconut does wonders to your body system and that some research is going on to understand why….

So, the elders do know something after all.