Maybe it just me, I don’t know?

With new shopping malls sprouting up everywhere, these modern air-conditioned, specially designed shopping spaces bragging of international labels tenants and stocking “happening” hottest products for “vogue” lifestyles….I still prefer our open air markets.

Especially the Satok “Sunday market”; the sight, sound and smell that spells Sarawak!

Look, I think you would agree that most shopping malls are somewhat the same everywhere. The outsides might be distinctive but the moment you step inside, you practically see the same everywhere. All big names spend ton of money to create “brand recognition” everything from the products, window displays and even sales pitches.

Literally, you see one and you would have seen them all regardless if you’re in Kuching, KL or Singapore.

So maybe all that brand recognition schemes are backfiring – boooorring … zzzzzz

Call me a romantic or what but I like to be surprised every now and then, to find out details, nuances and appreciate that life is more than a “plan”.

Hey Sunday market – the one place that you not only taste the spirit of Sarawak but once in a while, stumble across little things that you never knew about.

Just like life.

You know what I mean?

See you there sometimes ……