Recently I received messages from a reader who said he’s the son of pakcik (uncle) who sells putu mayang at Sunday Market. (You can find his messages in ‘comment RSS’).

Following his information, I managed to make a trip to Satok Choice supermarket yesterday… and look what I found, white noodle putu mayang!! I was so happy… not that there’s any difference in green or white noodles, I just prefer white coz I grew up eating white noodle putu mayang with white sugar 😉



So here they are, the two makcik (aunty) who sell putu mayang from Sunday market on Saturday and Mon-Fri they are in front of Choice supermarket Satok.

Message to Abu: the makcik told me your mum was at home. I asked them why make so little if I go late on Saturday all sudah habis jual (all sold out)… makcik told me they don’t have enough help to make more. Maybe I should ‘volunteer’ to help your mum… there must be a secret recipe somewhere 😉