Lantern is closely linked with the lives of Chinese people. Hanging on the front gate of houses and stores, red lanterns decorate the street in a unique way.

Lanterns in China are more than lighting devices and red lanterns are regarded as a basic symbol of the Chinese culture, a symbol of brightness, happiness and reunion. It is supposedly to warn away evil spirits while brightening the mood with the red glow of good luck, red lanterns are considered a necessity of traditional Chinese festivals. In Lantern Festival(the fifteenth day of the first Chinese lunar month), the preferred warm red of traditional lanterns creates a convivial atmosphere at the family reunion as well as lights up the hope for the New Year. Lanterns, especially the red-colored, deserve adoration for the magical element they add to the atmosphere.

Extracted from China Odyssey Tour





These pictures were taken along Carpenter Street a few days ago. Chinese New Years came and went and these red lanterns have been hanging from building to building for quite some time now. Maybe it’s time to replace new ones… to bring back some magic to this place once again.