This is my collection of pictures of people and faces in Sarawak taken from last year and recently around Serian, Serikin, Semarahan, 7th mile Bazaar and Kuching.

Every pictures tell you a different story… capturing people in their daily life – their life, their moment in time… and this is what I love so much in doing. Hope you’ll enjoy 😉

(there’s a background music on this slide – new feature from

Here are a few pictures which I feel tells a more than a thousand words.

7th mile Bazaar: A lady going through the bin for recyclable aluminium cans…


Serian: A cobbler waiting for customers…


Carpenter Street: a tin-smith at work (one of the dying crafts)


Kuching: The face of our future…


Kuching: Errr… look at the noodle (kampua mee)!!! yum-yum 😉