Agar-agar is our local version of jelly… of course agar-agar is much firmer and crunchier than jelly. I remember friends and relatives used to serve colourful agar-agar cut into beautiful shapes during Chinese New Year. Now on Chinese New Year you hardly find anything homemade anymore 😦

So here I am trying to learn how to cook, include making agar-agar. For those of you who know how to make agar-agar, I know you’ll be laughing at me for not knowing how it is made. So I learn from scratch (with the supervision of my dad).


You’ll need a few pandan (screwpine) leaves and a packet of agar-agar straws (about 30g).


Put pandan leaves in boiling water to get the fragrant out and the water will turned faded green. Add in sugar (to taste) and agar-agar straws, stir until all melted.  Pour half of the melted agar-agar into another pot for mixing in the coconut milk (or fruit flavouring/edible colour, etc).


Then you start the process of layering the agar-agar in a deep tray. You’ll have to wait for the top layer to slighly harden before pouring in the 2nd layer (repeat process).  Best to have a fan blowing onto the tray to quicken the hardening process, meanwhile keep low flame on the liquid agar-agar until finish.