In 1848, Reverand Francis McDougall and his wife Harriette arrived in Kuching. They headed the Borneo Mission (1848-68), a private missionary group. The Rajah donated16 hectares of the land to the Mission on which Mission House was built in 1849.

In the Mission House, the McDougall ran a little day school, which was historically Kuching’s first St Thomas and St Mary. The Mission House was also a dispensary and hospital where Bishop McDougall, a highly qualified surgeon, tended to the locals and a handful of Europeans.

Extracted from (my favourite book): “Old Kuching” by Alice Yen Ho

This is St Thomas Cathedral Church today, standing tall and proud of it’s history.


The reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation.


The side view and the front entrance view.


Over-looking Padang Merdeka.


The Bishop’s House.


I remember this as the guests’ house when my aunt and uncle were staying there many many years ago.