I read with sadness the last posting on Gambier Street project. The old Gambier Street hawkers/stalls were cleared and demolished last year and this month it will make way for the esplanade project.

I thought I dig up some ‘old’ pictures taken early part of 2008. Still images are all we have now, the days are gone where workers carry baskets of fish from the boats at the jetty behind the fish market, the hustle and bustle of people buying fresh vegie at the market…

IMG_0662 copy

the vendor where I went for my half-boil eggs and roti panggang (toast).

IMG_0997 copy

where families just stopped for lunch after a shopping spree at India Street.

IMG_0645 copy

where seasonal fruits were sold at these stalls

IMG_2342 copy

where on a Sunday morning a little girl in pajamas went with her dad to the fruit market

SANY0031 copy

all these bygone days are now just memories of our distance past.

Yeah, we’ll find another busy market else where, new memories will be created but hey, there’s only one Gambier Street that dates back to 1880s.

I hope the new esplanade (for what it’s worth) doesn’t erase the whole history for us. It is the Kuchingites’ heritage.