“Crowned as the plant with the biggest undivided leaf, the Alocasia is one magnificient sight. These leaves are about 0.9 m high and 0.6 m wide. The Alocasia Macrorhiza has many different varieties of colors. Among them, the ‘Solid Gold’ and the ‘Black Stem’ are the most beautiful, displaying gold and black veins of their stem and leaves. They are also hardy plants that can grow well in almost any kind of conditions.”

Extracted from : http://plantwerkz.blogspot.com/2009/01/giant-leaves.html


Yes, hardy they are. We got one growing gigantically right in front of our office block that we thought died after some council workers were seen cutting the grass in that vicinity.

And if you compare with the Kelisa parked in front, it’s already making the car looks puny.

Here’s an idea, leave the car and the Alocasia there unattended for the next 2 months.

Then try finding the car afterwards …………..