For most of us coconut milk (known locally as santan) comes in carton or canned from the supermarket. Recently I was at Stutong market and I found some stores specialise in just selling grated coconut and coconut milk – FRESH.

I talked to one of the store owner and he told me they start business as early as 1am. They have to start early coz they have this big pile of coconuts to hack open and separate the flesh from the shell. Only when you want to buy, they will grate it for you.


This guy works fast!! He was cleaning/peeling off the brown softer shell from the coconut flesh – this would be made white grated coconut.


The grating machine…


And this was something new to me… a coconut milk presser. The pakcik (uncle) would put the grated coconut into a bag and then he puts into this machine to press out the milk (santan). I’m impressed coz I used to squeeze the grated coconut in a bag by hand!


Taadaa… coconut milk. This jug cost me RM5.


It surely was PURE santan!! šŸ˜‰