When the weather is this hot in Kuching… the next best thing to do is to indulge in ais-kacang or “ABC” (Ais Batu Campur direct translation “mixed crushed ice”)! “Mixed” here would be fruits, jelly, red beans, corns all in.

I had mine top with santan – who cares about cholesterol when the heat was getting to my nerve! 😉


I had all my favourites – the green jelly (chendol), red beans (angtau) and grass jelly (chianchow). This is for a friend in Denver, Colorado – Chad – how’s that ABC craving of yours now?? 😛


I had it during lunch time at open air market… surprisingly the place is quite empty during lunch hour. What surprised me more was that this place is pretty clean compare to last time. Mmmm…building up a new image??