Ever wonder what happened to Cinderella’s pumpkin?

Here’s a recipe of what you can do after midnight…

Cut skin off and scoop out all the seeds of the pumpkin. Cut into pieces and boil until tender.


Slice shallots. Pound dried prawns. Fried shallots until almost brown before putting in the pounded dried prawns. Fried until brown and fragrant.


Meanwhile, drain (keep the water aside) and mash cooked pumpkin.


Add the boiled pumpkin water, fried shallots/pounded dried prawns and pepper and salt to taste. Mix all ingredient until a slightly thick consistency with rice flour (the binding agent).


Steam mixture (of 1″ thick in a cake tin) for half an hour. To check if it’s cooked, use a toothpick to poke in the middle of the kuih (cake), if it’s still moist cook it a bit longer.


Cool and serve. (when it cools it will be firmer).


Great with hot tea and coffee.

This recipe is passed down from generation to generation orally – nobody has written down the measurement of each ingredients, thus everything is by estimation (agak-agak), taste and feel, look and sense. 😉

If anyone of you have a written version of this recipe, kindly share here. Thanks.