Wow, this is one of those days – hot, hazy and generally unsuitable weather to do anything outdoors.

My heart goes out to those who need to work exposed under the sun – you need abundance of water to stay hydrated ……

So I kept to the office most of the day with the air-conditioning switched on full-blast; even lunch was unattractive when I think of the smothering heat unless I eat in one of those, I can ill-afford, air-conditioned fancy eateries.

So the day dragged on until it was time to clock out and as I was walking to my car, lo and behold, I caught the setting sun right above the flyover in front of my office block.

What a sight – the setting sun got the sky painted in glorious hues of red.

You know what some old folks like to say; you need to go thru cold winters to get to the magnificent flower blooms.

Here in Sarawak, it more like you need to go thru the sweltering heat to get to the brilliant sunset.

Hmmm, maybe the heat is getting me delirious…….