How time flies! Nearing end of October and I only put up 2 posts this month!! Shame on me! 😦

Work work work that’s swallowing up my life and it’s not over yet! Aaaaaarrghh! On the record, I do work for a living and blogging is just passing time (these days I hardly have time to spare).

Here’s one book I borrowed from Nikki (a former reporter of Sarawak Tribune). If you like old black and white pictures like I do, you’ll find this book fascinating and yet nostalgic. I wasn’t born in the 60s and yet looking through this book I found myself  ‘getting connected’ with my past.

Pictures below: The book “Kuching in Pictures 1840s – 1960s” and the author, the late Hon. Ho Ah Chon.

kuching in pictures005kuching in pictures004

His priceless pictures of Kuching.

kuching in pictures003

kuching in pictures001

kuching in pictures002

kuching in pictures