It was time to take a short break from work. Time to spend with family since my sister and niece were in town (from KL).

My niece who’s a follower of my food section has requested that I bring her to eat all the food I’ve mentioned here… how to resist such a tempting request? 😉

The following pictures were taken by my niece, Miss Su Tien-yi.

First, right from airport to Song Kheng Hai hawker centre – belacan bee hoon and sugar cane + coconut drink.


Next day, Foody Goody laksa + deep fried fritters.


Same morning, same coffeeshop – beef noodle


Same day lunch, crispy local oysters omelette at Muara Tebas (Ching San).


3rd day afternoon, back to Song Kheng Hai hawker centre – Foochow burger (kongpiah with minced meat).


3rd day dinner, baked crabs from 3 Points restaurant (former Hai Pa Hwang restaurant).


Simply Delicious Sarawak!!!!!!