Rain brings flood – and worries

By Peter Boon

SIBU: Several low-lying places here were flooded yesterday following inces­sant rain the past few days.Near Jalan Aman round­about, several stretches along Jalan Lanang were partly submerged, and as a result vehicles formed a long line on the right side of the road.

The bus-stand near Jalan Aman had become inac­cessible to the public by 7.50am yesterday.

“I am very worried that with the continuous rain fuelled by the king tide, Sibu may experience another round of serious flooding,” a resident said to The Borneo Post.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, he recalled that earlier this year, the whole stretch of Jalan Lanang was closed to vehicles except heavy trucks and that he was stranded at home for several days.

He said he it was his hope that the flood mitigation measures now being under­taken could be completed soonest to reduce the frequent occurrence of flood here.

“I have been staying here for the past 20 years since I moved from my home town in Daro, and believe me, every time it rains conti­nuously for a few days, I need to roll up my pants again and wade across the flood water to get to work,” he said.

He said what worried him most was that the flood could force his children to skip school.

Extracted from Borneo Post Online