Feeling a bit under the weather today – the rain and dampness have finally got the better of me. Doc’s prescription is to eat one of her sleeping flu medication, drink plenty of fluid and rest. But I always have the side effect from the pink flu medication. It usually knocked me out cold then waking up with every body parts aching. Well at least I have a nice dry nose after that.

Well, after a restful afternoon, I decided to look through my collection of pictures which I haven’t put up.

These are from a trip to Muara Tebas 2 weeks ago. The same place my family and I had the crispy oyster omelette.

Fishing boats, fishermen in a small village like this is a common sight along the coastal areas of Sarawak. It is how some villagers make a living and putting meals on the table, roof over their head and cloth on their back.

Pictures taken by: Miss Su Tienyi 🙂