It was one of those days, you know, whereby staying cooped up in the office’s 4 walls seems like a time trap…

So I told myself that I need to get out into the sun and shoot some pictures for this blog; it has been a while that I allow myself this.

So armed with my ever trustworthy point & shoot camera, I decided to drive towards Matang area across the river.

And  I am so glad  I did. Not only did I get my mood uplifted but I also chanced upon some scenes/sights that makes me remember why I love Sarawak so much……..

Home sweet home and if like me, you are beginning to forget what makes this country especially great, take my recommendation, hop into your car and just drive to the outskirt of the city.

Stop at any pit stop, eat a bowl of mee and just soak in the ambience…..forget your mundane life back in the city, even if it is for a couple of hours.

Life is great, I promise you !!!