Where is Pulau Lakei? Well it’s off the coast of Tanjung Wading (some where near to Bako National Park) – circled in black.

The ranger from Sarawak Forestry (based at Kampung Bako) was at hand to explain to us how to get to Pulau Lakei. We need to take a boat from Kampung Bako to Bako National Park and from there another hour to Pulau Lakei.

(picture taken by Su Tienyi)

Pulau Lakei is opened to the public except from September to March because of the monsoon season (somebody should have imposed this ruling in 1923). The ranger told us there’s a Buddhist shrine on the island and devotees will make their way there to pray.

There are also chalets for rent under the Forestry department. For further details you can ask the friendly ranger at Sarawak Forestry office at Kpg Bako 😉