Any of these road names sound familiar? If you’re from Ipoh you probably would recognise them…

Ipoh Ipoh Ipoh… all we talked about was to drive up to Ipoh for a cuppa old Ipoh town kopi-O. That trip would take us about 2hours one way from KL… then we dingdong dingdong half a day gone by… and we ended up here in an “Ipoh-feel-alike” coffeeshop in Bangsar instead πŸ™‚

I hope this was just as authentic as the original Ipoh ho-fun… texture of the flat-rice noodle (kueh teow) is very smooth – the specialty of Ipoh.

Fried ho-fun

Famous chicken rice…

And my favourite-can’t-live-without kopi-O (black coffee)… alright this I can comment – colour very black, tasted like mild coffee and didn’t smell as fragrant! Did I get cheated? I heard Ipoh kopi is the best… maybe I expected too much from a humble cuppa 😐

p/s that piece of cinnamon biscuit didn’t come free!