Get ready for the year of the Tiger!! The first day of Lunar New Year which falls on Valentine’s day will usher in the roaring Tiger.

Ornaments for both the Lunar new year celebration and couples’ day are out. I saw one shop they have begun selling fresh roses too.

Here’s one article that shows the myth of Tiger year still plays a part in our Chinese culture:

Tiger scares couples off marriage

JOHOR BARU: Unlike previous Valentine’s Days when couples would get themselves hitched in mass weddings, many Chinese are avoiding marriage this coming Year of the Tiger.

Most Chinese couples believe that Valentine’s Day, which coincides with the first day of the lunar new year on Feb 14, will not be a good date for marriage as it represents anger, argument and conflict.

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…and I even heard old wives’ advice “don’t give birth to baby girl in Tiger year – the baby girl will grow up to be mean and nasty woman. Give birth to baby boy is good, he will grow up to be aggressive and strong”! Gees… life is so complicated 😐