Look away now if you have weak stomach!!! 😉

We were at Bau market the other day and saw a lady selling these sago worms at 30cents per worm!!! (My aunt told me it used to be 3 worms for 10cents). Since my aunt loves the wormie thing so much, she bought about 80 wormies at a bargain price of 20cts/worm… gees…

Well, we brought it home and wash them. First soak in water (while they are still very much alive)… then rub one by one with fingers (like giving them a massage) to clean off any dirt on their hairy skin.

After all the cleaning is done, pour them into a hot pot/wok. No oil needed. They would still wriggle around for a while before…err…err…

Well, we cooked it until the oil from the sago worms come out… a lot of oil came out! It smelled like butter – like somebody’s baking a butter cake kind of smell.

Then you add in salt to taste. Somebody told me that we can cook it with curry powder too.

Anyway, what it tastes like??? Well… I was told the head tasted like peanut and the flesh like chicken… I won’t know I won’t dare tried it 😉