Seriously I was grave-hunting last weekend!! 😉

My uncle, aunt and a cousin brought me to the graveyard behind the government printing office (opposite Saberkas). We were searching for my great grandmother’s grave!! That graveyard is huge!!! And all the graves were not exactly in proper systematic order… they were rather haphazard. And minding my manners, I had to excused myself all the way as we trampled through the maze.

After an hour under the hot sun, we couldn’t find our great grandmother’s grave stone! Maybe the cement structure had collapsed or the wordings had eroded coz some tomb stones were just unreadable.

My ggma, Chin Ngian Joon, died on 6 Sept 1919 at the age of 40. She was a Hakka from Siniawan.

Great grandma oh great grandma, where thou art buried??