But she doesn’t carry a sword as far as I know… she carries a big bag with note books, laptop and a ‘pencil case’ every time I met up with her.

I got to know Cynthia through our current project. She writes for us in her free time on various projects we have in hand right now. Full time she’s with the Wildlife Conservation Society. So it’s confirmed she doesn’t carry a sword! 😉

Not only her passion for wildlife conservation fascinates me but she’s also part of the cyclist group in Kuching. They do mountain biking, long distance riding (up and down the steep slopes of Borneo Highland recently) and just last night they did the “Ride of Silence” started from Jalan Haji Taha. Approximately 200 cyclists showed up last night for the Kuching Chapter.

The “Ride of Silence” was held in honour those who have been killed or injured while cycling on public roadways worldwide. You can find them in facebook “Ride of Silence: Kuching Chapter”.

And if you enjoy light reading, click on here to Cynthia’s blog.

Yeah, no guns no swords but we ‘shoot’ with our cameras 🙂