Alex Wong may be a common name in Sarawak, but there’s only one Alex Wong synonymous to adventure, song-writting, travel, blogging, videographer, photographer and racer.

With his busy schedule of public speaking engagements, I have the privilege of meeting up with him yesterday over a cup of coffee to talk about his adventures. Back in 2008, he did a scooter solo ride from Kuching to Tawau 2,600km in 9 days.

The most recent adventure was the 30,000km trip he made on his Yamaha XT from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Talk about around the world in 80 days! He did this South to North crossed the equator trip in 65 days! Now you know why I was so eager and pleased to have met the man for a face-to-face. Kinda make you forget about the coffee altogether.

I’m looking forward to future meetings and collaboration with is unique personality.

Three writers from three separate genres (left: Eric, Alex and Cynthia). Me? Who do you think was taking the picture?? 😉

This is a video from Alex’s SingleTrackMind… Enjoy!