It’s almost lunch time and I’ve been craving for some Henghua noodles soup. I love the clear soup with seaweed and seafood 😉

A couple of weeks back my friend brought me to this Henghua cafe along Abell Road. Whao!! This place has the full range of Henghua noodles, Henghua fried rice, etc.  Of course, I went with the noodle I’m most familiar with… ‘ta mien’ soup.

Few days later I went back for Henghua ‘mee sua’… yes, Foochow ‘mee sua’ served in their Henghua style clear soup – if you’re a big eater like me, go for second serving.

I went back for fried ‘mee sua’… who would have known ‘mee sua’ can be fried. ‘Mee sua’ is so delicate and soft and yet can be fried. Next time I’m going to try their Henghua ‘kolok mee sua’!!!! – oooooo can’t wait for my next trip there!

You’ve heard of fried tomato mee… now try fried tomato rice 😉

Their full set of menu here and more when you get there.