It was a fun-filled Saturday afternoon at Think You Got Game. We  saw a bunch of kids around and thought it was just for juniors to compete. But hey, thick skinned as usual, I went to ask the lady at the registration if it was opened for adults (with an eager-to-play look on my face). Ahem! Yes it was opened for seniors… I mean adults too.

The game was based on 3 rounds. The game starts with a gentlemen’s handshake (be it David and Goliath)…

… and on the count of 3, kuuun chung!! (the rule was to have your kun chung hand behind your back, but for old schooled we held it next to our ear – old habit hard to break).

There were two categories: Ladies Open was won by Amy Chin… (she beat her mum in the 1st round then on to beat some little boys and girls to win the ‘crowd’ – a headband courtesy of RPS.) Congrats Amy… though you left a few disappointed boys and girls behind 😉

The Open category: 1st runner-up, nicknamed “Beckham”

And the best rock-paper-scissors hand of the year was won by: Darius Chai. Shamed to all the adults.

Seen here Darius with his winnings – a trophy, a jumbo jaidee, a RM150 RPS voucher and a headband (why would he need a headband?…I need a headband!). Of course the new champ was surrounded by adoration from Shentel (left) and Sereni (right) the sponsors for the tournament. Yay!

The Champ!

So what happened to me? Well,  (with my head in a paper bag) I was ousted in the preliminary round by a little girl named Jasmine.  Coincidentally I head-on with her in both Open and Ladies categories… aarrrggghhh 😦