Ever feel like ‘don’t know what to eat for lunch’ or ‘who to have lunch with’? Well, take a ride on the spooky side… and if you prefer to have a quiet lunch 😀

A small tuck-shop by the road side along 5 1/2 mile Kuching-Serian Road, selling lui cha (rui cha) and also some local favourites like fried noodles (mee goreng).

Lui cha is a Hakka vegetarian dish. The highlight of the dish is the bowl of bitter soup made up of different herbs. Usually the soup is green colour but yesterday I had this one was really bitter. It went very well with the rice topped with vegie, peanuts and salted anchovies, so the soup didn’t taste as bitter. Lui cha is known to be a healthy dish (cleansing and cooling body system).