There are so many things to say about this land of the Hornbills. Kuching has been my birth place and I’m loving every corners of it. The multi-ethnicity, Iban, Melanau, Bedayuh, Kelabit, Malay, Chinese and Indians made up this multi-cultured, multi-coloured land.

This will be my space to write about Sarawak, what I see what I feel. I welcome those who are living in Sarawak, Sarawakians living abroad, or a passer-by to share your experience. Though we speak different languages but we share the love for Sarawak.

MYSarawak, my love and my home.


23 Responses to “MYSarawak”

  1. Zack Says:

    Hey there…Im kinda interestd in Sarawak and what it has to offer..could you tell me more about it. Where to go…what cultures are there…that kind of stuff. Please email me aight. Thanks

  2. atopy Says:

    I just created one wordpress and thankyou very much.
    because you I decided your design skin ‘Misty Look’

    I’m very wondering how do you add the ‘MyMalaysia’ tab?
    give me a tip pls.

  3. atopy Says:

    Oh… I got it.
    anyway thanks alot

  4. mysarawak Says:

    Hi atopy,

    Hope you’ll have fun doing your blog! πŸ˜‰


  5. Sematan Best Says:

    Dtg lah ke sematan, 100 km saja dari Kuching. Tempat yang sangat indah. Terdapat perkampungan nelayan di situ.

  6. Sematan Best Says:

    Di Sematan, terdapat sebuah pantai yang sangat indah.

    1. mysarawak Says:

      Hi, can you give me more info of this fishing village at Sematan? πŸ™‚

      1. sematan best Says:

        join la kat

  7. efenem Says:

    Hi, thanks for your pictures of Sarawak. I am very intrigued by sarawak and am excited to go there this July!

    You can be paid highly for this if you work with travel companies… πŸ™‚

    1. mysarawak Says:

      Hi efenem,

      Thank you for your encouragement!! I hope you’ll enjoy your trip here in July… for the Rainforest Music festival, I presume? πŸ™‚

      Travel agencies have their own websites/blogs. They will bring you to designated areas for tourists…hihihi… for me I like people to experience the local everyday lives… only then it’s called appreciating Sarawak culture πŸ˜‰

      Have a wonderful trip here and bring back lots of fond memories!!!!!!


  8. Alfred Phua Says:

    Hey, your blog is nicely done. Great…

    1. mysarawak Says:

      Hi Alfred,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. Always a great pleasure to have people writing in, be it a word of appreciation or leave their comments on the postings. (at least I know people are reading) πŸ™‚


  9. Hi

    I like Your site. It is very interesting. Do You have RSS so I can add to my favorites.
    Let me know when it will be ready. Kee it UP.
    best regards Szczecin Hotele

    1. mysarawak Says:

      Hi Rollerfebaybe,

      I can’t setup my RSS coz my has limited functions 😦

      You’ll just have to bookmark mysarawak’s travelogue – until I can afford to upgrade πŸ˜‰


  10. Kelli Garner Says:

    Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

    1. mysarawak Says:

      Hi Kelli,

      Welcome to my travelogue. Hope you’ll visit more often. πŸ˜‰


  11. Dianne,
    I so enjoy your blogsite MySarawak Travelogue. Einhard has set one up for me, and you can also find a link to MySarawak Travelogue on mine. However I am still at odds as to call it or margaret hl lim because there are so many margaret lim blogs if you google margaret lim, but only me when you google margaret hl lim.

    1. mysarawak Says:

      Hi Koko,

      Finally you have your own blog!

      I saw your blog a few days ago and I have already linked yours to mine. πŸ˜‰

      Don’t worry about the search engines or the URL of your blog because what comes up in search engines really depends what people actually put in as keywords when they search. Anyway, if you really want to change your URL you’ll have to create a new blog and start over again. 😦

      Just to let you know we can’t wait for more of your books to be out, in particular those old manuscripts from chek-kong πŸ™‚


      p/s thank you for visiting my travelogue. I have been rather busy to update it lately. 😦

  12. acap Says:

    just want to ask… how can i contact tuyang tan ngan?… a sapek player… i want to ask him about sapek,can please help me to reach him… because i leave in peninsular malaysia… thnx

  13. Pei Lin Says:

    Hi, I m looking some info regarding ranchan pool for my research paper. however i cant find it. any advice?

  14. dayakgold Says:

    Great info. haven’t been to all the places you’ve been to though.

    Do drop by my blog. XD



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