When we talked of looking for durians, the place that always come to mind is Pasir Pandak.  Pasir Pandak is a coastal village some where near Santubong. It could be the sea breeze or the mountain dew that makes the durians grown here a sort after.

It has been a long while since I came to Kampung Pasir Pandak. This place always give me a feeling like I’m in Miri…it must be the combination of sea and the burning smell of coconut husk.


Weekend search for durians at Kampung Pasir Pandak turned out to be a big disappointment 😦

Durians still hang on the trees… none of them is ripe yet. Have to wait another 3-4 weeks.

But we did found this baby durian, probably blown off the tree.  😀

Durian, durian, durian… can’t live with it, can’t live without it. It’s a love-hate thing between durian and I…sigh..

Found this van selling durians in Hui Sing…really nice but it felt like eating gold, very expensive!

The old prison is now demolished. This old building had been there as long as I can remember.

When we were young, our parents would threatened us if we were naughty we’ll be sent to this jail and “eat curry rice” everyday!! (eating curry rice is not a bad thing but eating with murderers is, what if they want your share of curry rice, would you say no??)

As the sun sets, some just got off work, 3rd mile bazaar is a pit-stop to grab some vegie, fresh seafood and seasonal fruit for a home-cook meal.

It’s also a place for vendors to gather to exchange news of the day… maybe about the stock market or…

… prices of durians today… hey, not cheap yo… one durian cost RM25-35 here!!

Uncles picking up some mud crabs for dinner…

Life as sunsets on these old part of Kuching 🙂

Only in Kuching 😀

You’ve heard me right… this “giant” mall will be opened in July at Kota Padawan (10th mile).

Another shopping mall to hang out 😀

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