FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!! I really enjoyed the food during my recent trip to Bintulu-Miri.

My long-awaited umai (ceviche)…oh umai I miss you so so much since I left Bintulu!!

The prawns tomato noodles from Bintulu market

The very tender ostrich meat in Bintulu

Grilled prawns topped with cheese ~ Bintulu

Purple sweet potato dessert ~ Bintulu

Deep fried fritters, taufu, prawn cakes in rojak sauce ~ Miri

Rojak ~ Miri

And my favourite bowl of laksa ~ Miri


What to eat… what to eat… can’t decide 🙂

Beef rendang?

or prawn laksa?

A bowl of laksa remains my favourite..

Tomato fried egg-noodle ~ superlicious…

noodle with minced meat, carrot, cucumber… yummy coz it has a sour taste from black vinegar.

or my new found love ~ curry mee (noodle)

I’m so so so hungry….

It was time to take a short break from work. Time to spend with family since my sister and niece were in town (from KL).

My niece who’s a follower of my food section has requested that I bring her to eat all the food I’ve mentioned here… how to resist such a tempting request? 😉

The following pictures were taken by my niece, Miss Su Tien-yi.

First, right from airport to Song Kheng Hai hawker centre – belacan bee hoon and sugar cane + coconut drink.


Next day, Foody Goody laksa + deep fried fritters.


Same morning, same coffeeshop – beef noodle


Same day lunch, crispy local oysters omelette at Muara Tebas (Ching San).


3rd day afternoon, back to Song Kheng Hai hawker centre – Foochow burger (kongpiah with minced meat).


3rd day dinner, baked crabs from 3 Points restaurant (former Hai Pa Hwang restaurant).


Simply Delicious Sarawak!!!!!!


KUCHING: The Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) is calling for all Sarawak Laksa lovers to recommend their favourite stalls, especially those in and around Kuching, for grading by Singapore’s food ambassador Moses Lim.

The grading is part of STB’s initiative to identify selected Sarawak Laksa stalls which Lim will recommend for the four-day three-night ‘Sarawak Laksa Escapade’ tour.

Locals who want their favourite stall graded by Lim are to email under the heading ‘My Recommended Laksa Stall’.

The email should include the stall’s name, full address and contact number (if available). Suggestions should reach STB by March 10.

Read more

It’s time folks we have to take side, we have support our favourite laksa stall!! We must write in to STB and nominate!! I know I will… let’s see Foody Goody laksa? Ah Yew laksa? Choon Hui laksa? Let me go tasting again before I cast my vote!  Marilah mari… Pergi mengundi… Jangan lupa kewajipan pada laksa Sarawak! 😉

Ever wonder what to eat? Or you’re missing some of Kuching food… Well here are some deliciousssssssss meals for any day…

Dry Pan Mee – with lots of soy sauce. I just love the crunchy anchovies (ikan bilis).


Claypot rice – with Chinese sausage, salted fish and chicken. Steamy hot and salty.


The chicken rice – shown here is roasted chicken rice.


This is lo-bak (fatty meat cooked in 5-spice) rice with vegie.


This is chicken curry rice with fried long beans.


Fried yellow noodle in tomato gravy – shown here with vegie, pork, fish cake and crab stick.


And of course I can’t live without my favourite…LAKSA!!!


 bon appetit





For those of you who visit, you would know that my colleague, Eric, has been down these last few days with a severe bout of food poisoning.

So today, a Saturday, I thought I drive up to his place and check on things; getting better it seems and good enough to go to a nearby coffee shop for some breakfast Sarawak’s style – oh la la….

Laksa ….. The same spicy hot noodles that Anthony Bourdain (spelling?) had when he was filming in Kuching.

So we headed to a place aptly names “Foody Goody Café” and there I ordered my laksa, some deep-fried fritters and a cup of piping hot coffee black or what we call “Kopi-O” in these parts…

You finished your noodles and dip the fritters in the curry gravy and there you have it – perfect divine breakfast for a bright sunny Saturday.

Except for Eric who is still on his rice noodles in plain soup regimen – according to the doctor’s order..

LAKSA!!!!!!! – Sarawak’s favourite bowl of yummy vermecilli, spicy soup (prawn base + coconut milk), omelette, bean sprout, prawns, coriander leaf and lime (for that tangy flavour) for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Another Sarawak’s famous bowl of curly noodles – eaten dry, that’s what the word ‘kolo’ means. Lots of flavour – garnish with ‘cha siew’ (barbeque pork), minced meat, spring onion, some vegie and of course you have the choice of mixing the ‘cha siew’ red oil or just plain. Then eat it with the pickled chilli.


YUMMMYYYYYYY!!! bon appetit!!! – I’m heading out for my LAKSA!!