Maybe I should say “snippets of Kuching eating life” 😉 Eat eat eat! We see-food, we must eat.


Wow! An interesting evening to be having dinner with a journalist from our local daily. Talking to a person with background in writing was an eye-opener to how journalists work and get their stories printed on time. Be it feature writers, reporters or crime scene reporters, I take my hat off to you!

Considering how much hard work any journalists have to put in the work, it made me realised how privileged I am in my ‘job’…

I get to enjoy brunch…

…until lunch.

steal a bit of time to smell the roses…ahem I mean road side flowers

before I take a snooze 😉

And I call these ‘work’ 🙂

Ooooops! I think my boss reads my blog… er er after my siesta I continue working…

This is my collection of pictures of people and faces in Sarawak taken from last year and recently around Serian, Serikin, Semarahan, 7th mile Bazaar and Kuching.

Every pictures tell you a different story… capturing people in their daily life – their life, their moment in time… and this is what I love so much in doing. Hope you’ll enjoy 😉

(there’s a background music on this slide – new feature from

Here are a few pictures which I feel tells a more than a thousand words.

7th mile Bazaar: A lady going through the bin for recyclable aluminium cans…


Serian: A cobbler waiting for customers…


Carpenter Street: a tin-smith at work (one of the dying crafts)


Kuching: The face of our future…


Kuching: Errr… look at the noodle (kampua mee)!!! yum-yum 😉


Sunday Market of Satok starts from noon on Saturday until noon of Sunday. Most traders would stay over night (yup, camping out on the five-foot ways) if they come from afar with loads of goods to sell. (pssst… it’s a once a week slumber party) 😉

Wahh… nice, fresh vegie…

Omega enriched eggs!!

Aahh… this uncle was so shy when I took his pictures, still he smiled for my camera… ahem… maybe I should have asked for discount on those mangoes!

Look at these faces… they must had a good business day!

Situation may change, surrounding may change, we may change, life may change but you can’t change the blood that flows in your veins.  I am who I am and I am a Sarawakian through and through. And these people in my slide show (I dare say 99%) are Sarawakians… can you see the resemblance? 😉


Kota Sentosa is well known to the locals as “7th mile”. It’s a small township on the way out of Kuching to Serian and Bau. There are other roads heading out to Serian these days but going pass 7th mile is one of the ‘old road’.


The center of town.



The market place where you can find fresh produce, vegie, fish, etc.



Stalls selling pork and chickens are found on the road side or in shops.



A common scene at coffee shop (kopitiam) where people eat and drink coffee and chit-chat away.


Kota Sentosa town square.


Living in a shoplot may be a bit squeeze thus people are making such extension as shown here.


Hospital Sentosa is a hospital for the mentally challenged. Not so funny when people say they’ll visit you “at 7th mile hospital”! 😉



Life in Singapore is fast and furious. Lots of people… I mean lots of fast walking people, massive traffic especially in places like Orchard Road and Chinatown. It’s so unlike Kuching. I felt so lost and my mind was boggling like I mustn’t slow down or else I’ll be knocked off by people passing by.

I was able to squeeze in a trip down to Orchard Road during the weekend. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road, this group of energetic youngsters were playing their drums and musical instrument in front of Wheelock Place. For a couple of hours only I think they had managed to collect quite a bit of money in their box. Cheers to them!!


And this caucasian was basking alone… I wonder how much he got that day…


Police personnel were every where in Orchard… in front of buildings, behind shopping malls… I don’t think Encik Selamat hangs out at Orchard road though.. 😉


This is the guy the Singapore Government is looking for.


Mas Selamat Kastari


Here are some pictures of Singapore 

I was told that this Chinese temple in Chinatown holds one of Buddha’s tooth.


And this is St. Andrew’s Cathedral.