FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!! I really enjoyed the food during my recent trip to Bintulu-Miri.

My long-awaited umai (ceviche)…oh umai I miss you so so much since I left Bintulu!!

The prawns tomato noodles from Bintulu market

The very tender ostrich meat in Bintulu

Grilled prawns topped with cheese ~ Bintulu

Purple sweet potato dessert ~ Bintulu

Deep fried fritters, taufu, prawn cakes in rojak sauce ~ Miri

Rojak ~ Miri

And my favourite bowl of laksa ~ Miri


Look what I had for tea!! Yum-yum…rojak (cucumber/pineapple/dried toufu/jicama) mixed all with black prawn paste. Actually I asked for rojak and sotong-kangkung (cuttlefish with water spinach). But the uncle heard wrongly and gave me rojak with sotong… niceeeeee!!