A beautiful video on Bintulu, Sarawak. My hometown for a few years back in the 80s.

Thank you, David Low for allowing me to link it here.


FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!! I really enjoyed the food during my recent trip to Bintulu-Miri.

My long-awaited umai (ceviche)…oh umai I miss you so so much since I left Bintulu!!

The prawns tomato noodles from Bintulu market

The very tender ostrich meat in Bintulu

Grilled prawns topped with cheese ~ Bintulu

Purple sweet potato dessert ~ Bintulu

Deep fried fritters, taufu, prawn cakes in rojak sauce ~ Miri

Rojak ~ Miri

And my favourite bowl of laksa ~ Miri

It was great to be out at the market early in the morning. Everything’s fresh and in abundance.

Finally made a trip to Bintulu after all these years. I lived here in the mid 80s to early 90s… I could considered it my hometown too.

This place changed a lot, more buildings, more shophouses now. Where it used to be our government quarters are now rows and rows of new shophouses. The old part of town is still the same though, at least I didn’t get lose while driving around Bintulu 🙂

These area was once all government quarters. Now not one in sight.

Tanjung Batu

Now there’s a thru road from Tanjung Batu to Tanjung Kidurong. The road goes pass next to the golf course.

Borneo kite festival underway at the old Bintulu airport.

The Ramadan bazaar at Stutong Market.

Sarawak’s national anthems over the years.

Starting with this one “Anthem of the Kingdom of Sarawak” (1946-1973)

Then “Sarawak Bahagia”  (1973-1988)

And the current “Ibu Pertiwi” (since 1988) and it’s the hardest to sing (!)

When we talked of looking for durians, the place that always come to mind is Pasir Pandak.  Pasir Pandak is a coastal village some where near Santubong. It could be the sea breeze or the mountain dew that makes the durians grown here a sort after.

It has been a long while since I came to Kampung Pasir Pandak. This place always give me a feeling like I’m in Miri…it must be the combination of sea and the burning smell of coconut husk.