I’ve seen and eaten potato chips, potato wedges but I have never seen a potato swirl before let alone taste it.

Saw this man making potato swirl at Sunday Market. He popped in one medium size potato into this machine that cuts the potato into a swirl which he then put through a bamboo skewer, covered it with batter before deep frying.

S erve with mayo and chilli sauce…yums 😀


It’s the weekend and I was out having a field day at the Sunday Market clicking my camera away. There’s always something interesting to capture every weekend. Vegetables are almost the same sort except those seasonal ones. People and faces may not be the same every weekend.

Every vendors sell their own produce, be it jungle or farm produce, imported or local, wet or dry, fresh or preserved all can be found here. It’s a one-stop wet market.






Maybe it just me, I don’t know?

With new shopping malls sprouting up everywhere, these modern air-conditioned, specially designed shopping spaces bragging of international labels tenants and stocking “happening” hottest products for “vogue” lifestyles….I still prefer our open air markets.

Especially the Satok “Sunday market”; the sight, sound and smell that spells Sarawak!

Look, I think you would agree that most shopping malls are somewhat the same everywhere. The outsides might be distinctive but the moment you step inside, you practically see the same everywhere. All big names spend ton of money to create “brand recognition” everything from the products, window displays and even sales pitches.

Literally, you see one and you would have seen them all regardless if you’re in Kuching, KL or Singapore.

So maybe all that brand recognition schemes are backfiring – boooorring … zzzzzz

Call me a romantic or what but I like to be surprised every now and then, to find out details, nuances and appreciate that life is more than a “plan”.

Hey Sunday market – the one place that you not only taste the spirit of Sarawak but once in a while, stumble across little things that you never knew about.

Just like life.

You know what I mean?

See you there sometimes ……


Sunday Market of Satok starts from noon on Saturday until noon of Sunday. Most traders would stay over night (yup, camping out on the five-foot ways) if they come from afar with loads of goods to sell. (pssst… it’s a once a week slumber party) 😉

Wahh… nice, fresh vegie…

Omega enriched eggs!!

Aahh… this uncle was so shy when I took his pictures, still he smiled for my camera… ahem… maybe I should have asked for discount on those mangoes!

Look at these faces… they must had a good business day!

Taking pictures (unprofessionally like me) is easy. A digital camera in hand and snap snap snap… not all came up clear though. But a few out of the hundreds landed up in this blog. Every pictures have its own story to tell.

Often when I browse through my pictures especially taken of human face, I’d wonder about the life of these people. Where they come from… how have their lives been… through their eyes what have they seen… what have they been through to get here today.




“There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy and a tragedy”

Mark Twain

You’ve read in my previous entry about lekor (fried fish cakes). Now I give you a better pictures of what is lekor, our famous local snack.


The above picture showed the cylindrical shape lekor after it has been boiled. It looks like keropok (prawn crackers) before it being sliced, dried and deep fried. For lekor recipe, knead the fish meat into sago flour, salt, pepper then boil until it’s cooked. Then cut into pieces and deep fried.



Dip in chilli sauce and pop into your mouth! 😉

It is a hot hot Sunday!!

I went to Sunday market this morning to have a look around. Fresh produces were going on lelong (cheap) because Sunday market usually have to close by 12noon. The council personnels were seen asking traders to pack up.

This trader was selling lekor (deep fried fish cake). Lekor is eaten with lots of chili sauce!

sun mkt

A stall selling cold drinks

sun mkt

This guy is juicing sugarcanes

sun mkt