Introducing the fruit that is indigenous to Borneo. In Brunei it is called kembayau. Sarawakians called it buah dabai (dabai fruit). It can be found mainly in Sibu (a.k.a. Sibu “olive”) but like anything that can reap profit this little fruit has made it ways to every markets in Sarawak. It is a seasonal fruit by the way.

The way to eat it is first rinse it then soak in lukewarm water until it softens. Season with salt or black soy sauce. The yellowish fresh taste creamy. Actually you can preserve it just by soaking it in a jug with black soy sauce or with coarse salt (without the seed). I believe there are hawkers who sell dabai fried rice also.

The second best thing that comes out from one single fruit is the seed. Wash clean and sun dried the triangular seed. Crack it open by using mortar and pestle coz I found that a nut cracker device doesn’t work on this seed… and then you find this lovely, crunchy, greenish nut. If you have problem taking it out from the shell, use a toothpick.