Every opportunity I get I’ll take pictures using my simple non-complicated digital camera because you’ll never have repeats in life. Things only happen and happened only once. So capturing it means I’m freezing that moment in time to share with people what I have seen and where I have been.

Recently I was away in West Malaysia for a few days. Squeezing in between official duties were my day trips to somewhere in Ipoh and Malacca. I was reminded (by a ‘junior secretary’) that since I have a blog about Sarawak why not share other places that I have been to since I always have my camera handy. Well…why not.

This was at a hot spring in Sungkai (some where in Perak).




This was one of the two cool water pool…don’t mind the big octopus it won’t bite.



After Sungkai we drove to a small town called Bidor where you can find petai aplenty. Medically petai is supposed to be good for kidneys cleansing. That’s true…one would know after going to the loo.



And this is the famous historical town of Malaysia, Malacca. I was here many many years ago and have found this place to be so much like Kuching. The shops, the people, the dialect, the atmosphere…



Oh…I met my Chemistry teacher Mr Tan On Tin (SMK Bintulu of 1987) on this very street. I didn’t know he was from Malacca!!




Ahh…the famous Jonker Street.




Welcome to my Malaysia!!


4 Responses to “MYMalaysia”

  1. Qhairul Says:

    What the hell Malacca in here????

  2. mysarawak Says:

    Hi Qhairul,

    Malacca is part of Malaysia. And this is MYMalaysia page where I put my pictures of Malaysia (where I’ve been) in here.

    Have a happy day!

  3. Jessie Elkins Says:

    Hi, You have an interesting blog.

    Many people have the habit of saying “I love my home town”, “I love this place that place”.

    But actually that is just “home sick” not “love”

    Those who love their home town would activelly doing something for the town such involvement in environment development, eco-protection, sociel health and security etc.

    But those who are “sick” would just mearly sit down to talk and write.

    Keep up the good blog.


  4. mysarawak Says:

    Hi Jessie,

    Thank you for your encouragement. I always tell those who wrote in, it is your appreciation that keeps me going.

    I’ll give it my best to this blog.


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