I was told about this big durian tree along Foochow Road and it is blooming with flowers, lots of them too!

From a distance the flowers look like plum blossoms.

When all the petals have shaded, you can see the baby durians.

For durian growers in Kuching, they would place newspapers/netting beneath the trees to collect the durian flowers. It can fetch up to RM6-8/kg, depending on the peak/low peak season. Separate the stigmas from the petals. Rinse the petals, then throw into a hot wok where you have your sambal frying. Wahlah!! You’ll have a bowl of most delicious, “crunchy” durian flowers!!! I had mine…yummieeee!!!

By the way, if you are from Penang, please try this because I found out that Penang durian growers do not know that the flowers can be eaten! What a waste when I saw all the durian flowers rotting at a farm in Teluk Bahang.